Dry Rot Treatment

Dry rot & wet rot are two very similar problems in buildings, they both begin in very much the same way but as they develop they have their differences. Wet rot is usually isolated to a particular area where as dry rot will rapidly spread through the home growing from timber to timber. Both problems can cause huge amounts of damage especially in structural timbers. Damp Proofing Solutions offer a dry rot & wet rot eradication service which eliminates problem and allows our customers to rest assured.

What is Dry rot & wet rot

Both dry rot & wet rot are types of fungal infection and are linked to underlying damp, ventilation and sometimes condensation issues. Areas such as poorly ventilated sub floors or lofts can be an ideal breeding ground for these fungi. All types of timbers structural and decorative can be at risk of a fungal attack.

Both Dry rot & wet rot begin growth when timbers are subject to moisture or water for long periods of time, this allows the fungus to spore and make its way into the timbers.

What is the difference between Dry rot & wet rot?

A wet rot fungal infection to timber will usually remain localised to the source of moisture and damp where as a fungal infection of dry rot the more serious of the two will rapidly spread throughout the property climbing from timber to timber and even along brickwork.

Typical sources of Dry rot & wet rot

  • Leaking roofs
  • Poorly sealed windows and doors allowing water ingress
  • Areas of poor ventilation such as sub floors, lofts and cavities
  • Leaking washing machines, dishwashers, baths, showers and sinks
  • Timbers in contact with walls that have rising damp
  • Damp cellars and basements

The signs of a fungal attack?

Damage occurs to the infected timber as the fungal infection digests areas of the timber which give it its strength. Typical signs of a fungal attack are:

  • Weak and sometimes failing timbers
  • Visible fruiting spore’s almost mushroom like
  • Colour change in timbers, usually darkening
  • Cracking and crumbling of timbers
  • Musky distinctive smell

The treatment and solutions we offer:

The treatment of a dry rot or wet rot problem will begin by our surveyors locating the source of the growth. The first measures taken will be to eliminate any possible water and moisture ingress to the property and also to improve ventilation of affected areas.

Any damaged timbers will be removed by our technicians and replaced with new pressure treated timbers. Once this work has been completed all affected areas and potentially affected areas will undergo treatment with chemical preservatives and fungicidal formulas, this is to protect the timbers from further attack.

The chemicals used by our technicians are modern low odour treatments which allows our customers to reoccupy the home soon after with little disturbance.

For further information on Dry rot & wet rot or if you think your home may be under attack contact Damp Proofing Solutions to arrange survey to give you peace of mind.

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