Damp Proof Course Installation Hartlebury, Worcestershire


Project location:

Hartlebury, Worcestershire.


16th October 2017.

Project description:

Break down of existing damp proof course to bay wall resulting in contamination of plaster and onset of rot to skirting boards.

The solution:

Removal of the contaminated plaster up to a height of one metre. Installation of a chemical damp proof course, liquid applied damp proof membrane to masonry base and application of damp proof tanking system to walls followed by re plastering.

How we did it:

When dealing with a typical case of rising damp due to a breakdown or even complete absence of a buildings damp proof course such as this customers home in Worcestershire the only course of action is to strip back the contaminated plaster and clear all contamination from the masonry. Once our technicians had removed all plaster and contamination the area was ready to have the chemical damp proof course installed. This requires drilling the mortar joint at an appropriate level for the injection of the DPC cream. Once the injection is complete the chemicals within the DPC cream diffuse along the mortar joint to form a moisture repelling resin, this is how we eliminate the capillary action of the damp and prevent it from rising into the building.

The next step was to correctly seal the base of the masonry using a coat of liquid applied DPM before installing the tanking system. The tanking membrane was then cut to perfectly fit all sections of the bay wall before being carefully applied cutting and sealing around and obstacles such as plugs and wires. The installation of the correct membrane system is critical to the success of clearing an area from rising damp as once masonry has been subject to rising damp and the hydroscopic salts which it carries the brickwork will always carry contamination. Therefore, our technicians apply a tanking membrane to the wall so that the contaminated brickwork is completely sealed off from the new plasters that are to be applied to the wall, this is the most common mistake made by many who are unsuccessful in solving rising damp problems.

Once the damp proof tanking membrane was installed at this Worcestershire residence the technicians could then apply the required plaster base coats and build up the area to the correct level before re-plastering back in to the original plaster above. The area is then left to stand and dry out for approximately 10 days before the skirting boards can be re-fitted and redecoration can be complete.

If your home suffers from areas of rising damp our expert team will be more than happy to arrange a no obligation survey to see how we can help you. See the contacts page of our website to complete a call back request form or alternatively contact our office on 0800 093 9473.



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